Project Site

The target area of this project is Mae Huad sector (Figure 1), which is 1 of  4 sectors in Ngao Demonstration Forest (NDF), and covers an area of approximately 43,431.75 hectares, including several forest types such as the Dry Diptercarp (DDF), the Mixed Deciduous (MDF) and the Dry Evergreen Forest (DEF). It is located in the north-west of Lampang Province, northern Thailand, between 18º 30′ and 18º 54′ north latitude, and 99º 50′ and 100º  east longitude.

Figure 1 The Study project area: Mae Huad Sector, Ngao Demonstration Forest

The Ngao Demonstration Forest (NDF) consists of four sectors: Mae Heang, Mae Huat, Mae Ngao and Mae Teeb. The NDF, established in 1961 and the only Demonstration Forest in Thailand, has a long history of being the base for the introduction, testing and adaption of new forest management techniques.